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An hour of movement



ON Tuesday 20th March 2018 the children of Emmbrook Junior School raised money for Sport Relief by keeping active for a whole hour! They ran, jogged, danced and did anything other than keeping still.

Abigail, a year 3 student, said, “I liked it because we got to play stuck in the mud.”

But moving for all this time wasn’t for nothing.

The children got sponsored and all of the money will be going to the Sport Relief charity.

Mr Fisher, the PE teacher who organised this event, said “I would like to raise £1,500.”

The children all liked the idea of raising money for charity and Anabelle, a year 4 student, commented: “I like that it helps charity and is for a good cause.”

We interviewe­d Mr Fisher and he said, “It was great to see all the pupils with smiles on their faces.”

He also said “It was good to see that they understood what they were trying to achieve.”

Lots of the parents were very supportive of their children. A parent quoted “It’s great to see the children so excited and enthusiast­ic about doing exercise and raising money for charity.”

All the children were very happy about doing the hour of movement for Sport Relief and the money they raised will hopefully save lives.

As Mr Fisher said “Something is better than nothing when it comes to those in need.”

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