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Hotels reminded of need for a TV licence


AS THE tourist season starts to get going, guest houses, hotels and B&Bs are being reminded that they need to have a valid TV Licence.

According to the latest figures, 4.17 million people visited the south east last year – a rise of 4.8% on the previous year. More are expected this year, meaning the borough’s guest houses will be able to expect a flow of vistors.

And ahead of their arrival, TV Licensing has issued a reminder that budget hotels, B&Bs, luxury spa resorts and serviced apartments must all be covered by a valid TV Licence if guests or staff are watching television as it’s broadcast.

All viewers who use iPlayer to watch any

BBC programmes must also be covered by a TV licence.

The same rules apply to hotels, hostels, mobile units and campsites.

For many smaller hotels and guesthouse­s, the cost of a TV Licence is £147 a year, the same amount as a private house.

Hotels with more than 15 rooms are covered by one licence for the first 15 units, but will need an additional licence for every five thereafter.

Cody Want, spokespers­on for TV Licensing London and South East, said: “With more and more overseas visitors coming to the UK, 2018 is likely to be an especially busy year for hotels and guesthouse­s.

“By making sure they are correctly licensed now, owners and managers will give themselves peace of mind for the year ahead and avoid the risk of a visit from an enquiry officer.

Peter Ducker, Chief Executive of the

Institute of Hospitalit­y, added: “With the FIFA World Cup happening this summer, plus other key internatio­nal sporting events, hospitalit­y operators are set for another busy and exciting year.

“Having access to high quality live TV coverage is a vital part of the customer experience.

“Making sure your business is fully compliant with the law, by making sure you have a valid TV licence, is a mark of your profession­alism.”

To find out more informatio­n about TV Licensing requiremen­ts for hotels and accommodat­ion providers, or if you still have any further questions call the TV Licensing businesses team on

0300 790 6124.

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