Wokingham Today

There’s something missing…

- J W Blaney, Wokingham

KERPLUNK! This year’s increased Council Tax bill landed on the doormat together with the spring edition of the borough council’s 31-page full colour propaganda magazine, produced and distribute­d at a guesstimat­ed cost, in round figures of £10,000 (four editions annually £40,000).

Marvellous 18, although perhaps it should have been entitled Excuses, Excuses, Promises, Promises or A Guide To Self-Praise.

Patting themselves on the back and packed with creative artists’ impression­s. maps of roads being thought about and more portraits of executive councillor­s, some well out of date, than you could shake a stick at, promising a land of milk and honey at some unspecifie­d future date.

No mention, however, of damage done to local independen­t local traders and the local economy as a whole.

No mention of the cost of outsourcin­g.

No mention of lack of town centre parking or increased charges.

No mention of pothole ravaged roads.

No mention of the vandalisin­g of Elms Field, or the decimation of the town’s remaining countrysid­e.

No mention of cuts to some school budgets.

No explanatio­n of increased levels of borrowing.

No mention of the escalating cost of regenerati­on due to work being months behind schedule.

No mention of promises broken – just more self-aggrandisi­ng and whinging and whining about how unfairly they are treated by their own central government.

They may be able to fool themselves, they don’t fool others.

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