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Luckley pupils win Book Day contest


A WOKINGHAM school is celebratin­g after winning a silver award in this year’s World Book Day contest.

And, being community minded, they’ve decided to spend their £1,000 prize with a locally-owned bookshop.

Luckley House School in Wokingham, like many other schools in the borough, took part in World Book Day, a celebratio­n of reading, books, characters, authors, and just the joy of words.

Over the past few years Luckley House has enjoyed the scope that the event gives for promoting reading within the school, and the chance that it gives us to teach unconventi­onal or unusual lessons purely for fun.

The theme for this year’s contest was Flight and the school decided to use that theme as the basis for reinvigora­ting the library.

To help, it involved every member of the school community in this challenge.

Each member of the school community (including parents) recommende­d books which they felt another group would enjoy. These recommenda­tions were written on flying objects and were then used to decorate the school library.

In doing so, the room was completely transforme­d the room, including painting the mezzanine level blue so that the ‘flying book recommenda­tions’ would have a sky in which they could float.

The textiles department made a giant rocket for students to read under, and chairs were replaced by giant, comfortabl­e floor cushions in fire colours, to represent the flames of the rocket. The maintenanc­e team turned one of the bookcases into a rocket, which was painted by some of the students.

Luckley then covered the back wall of the library in starry black sky to represent space and created a range of moveable, book-themed characters and objects which can be stuck onto that wall by students if they want to change the display.

Their efforts saw them scoop second place and won £1,000 to spend on books from a local bookshop. The school said it will spend this with The Bell Bookshop in Henley.

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