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All set for a great month of music


AS the months roll on, we look ahead to April and bring you four key releases to look out for this month.

With Record Store Day looming, April is arguably our busiest month of the year, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement surroundin­g the day and the releases available on that day and forget what other great new albums are being released this month.

And so here is little insight into four of those albums being released over the course of this month which we will have for sale at Beyond the Download.

The first of these albums to look out for is released this Friday, and is the self-titled debut album from all female trio called Goat Girl.

Across 19 tracks in just 40 minutes, Goat Girl’s self-titled debut creates a half-fantasy world out of a very dirty, ugly city reality.

Goat Girl belong to a burgeoning, close-knit south London scene, born in venues like The Windmill in Brixton and including bands like Shame, BatBike, Madonnatro­n, Horsey, Sorry, and many more.

It’s a very English album but it’s also full of swampy, swaggering guitars and singer Lottie’s filthy drawl. Each member brings a diverse range of influences and contributi­ons, ranging from krautrock to bossa nova, jazz to blues. They resist being boxed in to an indie, guitar-based genre, and focused intensely on the layers and textures of each song as well as the different contexts they could sit within.

Another album being released this Friday is the excellent sophomore album from Tom Misch. Naming the album after a passion that Tom never pursued, Geography is an exploratio­n of a musical landscape which dances between genres including Disco, Soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz.

It’s a true testament to Tom’s diverse sound and genre fluidity. Having self-released all music to-date (‘Beat Tape 1’, ‘Beat Tape 2’ and ‘Reverie’), multiinstr­umentalist Tom Misch has built an auspicious online fanbase and this is already a contender for album of the year!

Probably one of the most anticipate­d albums of the month is the 13th offering from welsh rockers Manic Street Preachers.

Clearly not being the superstiti­ous types their 13th studio album Resistance is Futile gets its release on Friday 13, and heralds a return to a classic Manics sound described by the band as “widescreen melancholi­a”.

Of their first new recordings in four years, the band said: “The main themes of Resistance is Futile are memory and loss; forgotten history; confused reality and art as a hiding place and inspiratio­n. It’s obsessivel­y melodic – in many ways referencin­g both the naive energy of Generation Terrorists and the orchestral sweep of Everything Must Go.

“After delay and difficulti­es getting started, the record has come together really quickly over the last few months through a surge of creativity and some oldschool hard work.”

The fourth album to keep an eye out for this month comes on the last Friday of the month and is the highly anticipate­d second album For Now from the Sydneybred brit pop revivers DMA’s. After becoming one of Liam Gallagher’s favourite Australian bands and having their music compared to the likes of Oasis, the band have now revealed that For Now, which features production work from

The Presets’ Kim Moyes, will arrive on Friday, April 27.

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