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Taken for granted

- Father Richard Lamey is the Rector of St Paul’s Church in Wokingham, on behalf of Churches Together in Wokingham

ILIVE 50 metres from one of the 13 Broadmoor sirens. Most of the time 10am on a Monday comes and goes because I am out on a visit or in a meeting – but five or six times a year I find myself on my drive or in my garden at the moment the siren starts and I feel as if it’s all I can do to stand up and brace myself against the noise.

Last month the siren was taken down.

After over 65 years the morning in Wokingham, it seems, will no longer be riven by a noise which seemed to belong more to the Blitz than to today.

As well as wanting to mark the end of an era, two things strike me as worth attention.

One is that, much as we enjoyed wincing at the siren, it was something which marked out this part of the country, an aural landmark and badge of belonging.

Which raises the question: what is there in your life which you perhaps take for granted, or perhaps grumble about, perhaps wish would stop or leave, which you would actually really badly miss if it just vanished?

It might be a person, it might be a local irritation, it might be something about your health or opportunit­ies, but what do you not value which would actually massively impoverish you if it just disappeare­d?

And secondly, what is there about life in Wokingham which could be better but which you could better treasure, support, appreciate?

And then, once you’ve had time to stop and notice, put your heart into the things which have come to the surface.

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