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Give the youths something to do


With the issues on Woosehill re the Antisocial behaviour by a certain group of youths breaking windows, smashing car windscreen­s, throwing eggs at moving cars and properties, verbal abuse at residents threatenin­g behaviour etc the police as far as I know have spoken to the youths and parents to no avail – their behaviour continues.

I do not condone there actions in any way BUT !!! there are no activities on Woosehill like a youth club where they could meet and be made to feel part of the community maybe it is to late for this group but for young people in the future to be able to meet in a safe place with other young people to be shown that there community cares about them will surely help and stop the bored youth from being trouble makers .

Does the youth and community deptartmen­t still exist?

I spoke to the community wardens tonight at a meeting and asked if they had spoken to the youths.

No was the reply!

The wardens go off duty at 8pm just as the youths are off around the estate for the evening!!!

We must not tar all the young people with the same brush but something needs to be done to give them a community spirit which can be done by having a place to go to call their own.

So come on Wokingham Borough Council, give your future council tax payers something to do and have your community wardens involved in giving them ideas and support to do this.

People who have had their lives disrupted by these ASB youth I understand you might feel I am making excuses for the youth I AM NOT

If we all work together residents, youth and Wokingham Borough Council, it might be a change for the better for Woosehill which is a caring community but frustrated with what is going on.

Peggy Priest, Woosehill

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