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Throne of Elves


THURIN was sprinting through the Bad-Woods, his heart hammering in his chest, as if wanting to break out. He could hear yelling from behind him and knew the enemy were gaining on him.

You see, my dear readers, a child of the Kokiri (Thurin) and the people of the Gerudo (the evil people chasing Thurin) were huge enemies with each other and the Gerudos were far better at everything whilst the Kokiri always lost. The Gerudos were chasing Thurin because he had stolen one of their sacred items: The Winged Sapphire. Anyway, back to the story.

Thurin could see the camp. Soon he would be inside the protective barrier and he would be safe. But something was strange, with growing horror, he realised. Lord love a duck...a Gerudo had launched a fire spell at him. Thurin hit the deck and the raging ball of fire seared over his head and hit a tree. Unluckily, the tree collapsed and covered the entrance to the camp. Thurin spun round and met two nasty looking Gerudos, each with twohanded axes. Thurin drew his own weapon, a simple one-handed sword. He knew that he would be decapitate­d the moment he went in to strike. Both of the Gerudos had the same blood-red eyes and the same pointed noses with the shock of orange hair.

The Winged Sapphire started to fly out of Thurin's backpack and emitted a soft glow. None of the three elves had noticed it until it started pulsating. Thurin spun round and, not even thinking about it grabbed it and immediatel­y felt a surge of power. He ran forward and slashed with his sword but when he did, electricit­y blasted itself from the sword to the two Gerudos didn't even have time to defend themselves; they just blasted off and landed with a thud on the ground. They did not get up.

Thurin waited until the fire went out and he stumbled back into camp. He was surrounded by the other

Kokiri instantly and was bombarded with questions of where he had been and was he alright. Everybody was silenced when the king appeared. Thurin bowed grandly and showed the king the dazzling winged sapphire. The king gasped and took it from him; he told Thurin that he was a hero and that he would be a knight of the realm. All of this celebratio­n came to a halt however, when a wall of fire moved slowly towards the camp. Panic erupted everywhere. Ganondorf, the ruler of the gerudos, was after the winged sapphire, Thurin took the sapphire back and slowly walked to Ganondorf. He held the sapphire firm and raised his sword.

This time water spewed out of it and he finally realised that the sapphire was the item that was giving him all the power. The wall of fire ceased and Thurin struck Ganondorf. No doubt about it, he was dead. At last, the world was finally at peace and the Kokiri will rule over the land.

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