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A CHALLENGE for us all

- Personal fitness with Chris Hunt

IT’S time to remember what it’s like to feel alive. This was one of the quotes used last week to illustrate how I feel about the snooze alarm. You may think it’s your friend but really it isn’t as it just stops you achieving in the long term. When did you last feel alive?

Was there a key event when you last felt up to the challenge of life?

This week I want to talk to you about the word CHALLENGE.

Normally I have my article topics all set out and good to go and then I just add content in each week using my own knowledge, researched informatio­n and current affairs and events to really get some meat into the articles.

For a change this week I want to just go with the flow and I am going to use the word CHALLENGE to really get you feeling alive and up for the challenge that is life. Challenge can be defined as “a call to someone to participat­e in a competitiv­e situation or fight to decide who is superior in terms of ability or strength.” In this week’s article I want that competitiv­e situation to be LIFE. It is all about facing life head on and owning it.

Life is all about living and owning it and I want to do my best to make sure you do just that.

So what do I feel about the challenge that is life?

C – Choices

H – Happiness

A – Action

L – Long Term

L – Luck creating environmen­t

E – Energy

N – Negativity Busting

G – Gains

E – Excitement

It is actually quite exciting as I have literally just made up acronym on the spot. This was my mini challenge today. I set myself the challenge of picking a topic that excites me and just going with the flow and smashing out the article using nothing but energy and internal thoughts. Musicians would call it Improvisat­ion.

I call it just GOING WITH THE FLOW. So let’s break it down shall we?

CHOICES – Life is all about choices and our outcomes are all based on the choices we have made and what we are going to make. You only have one life so what choices are you going to make. When you own this, you become empowered and this feels truly amazing. My CHALLENGE to you is start making positive choices today.

HAPPINESS – Who doesn’t want to be happy? Seriously, what better goal could you have in life? I have a system that I use with clients which is based on creating scenarios that guarantee happiness. If you are not feeling happy enough then do something about it. My CHALLENGE to you is smile right now, Force it if you have to, just do it.

ACTION – There is nothing worse than sitting still and not taking action. Taking action forces movement and starts the journey. In fact how fun are Action films? I love Action films, do you? Make your life an action film and make sure you fill it with Hollywood movements. My CHALLENGE today is do something that is different to what you normally do. It can be anything, just take ACTION.

LONG-TERM – I am all about the long term. Why settle for some shoddy 6 week transforma­tion? Why base everything on 6 weeks when you have years ahead of you? Focusing on the long term means hard work. Focusing on the long term means consistenc­y. Going for the long term isn’t easy but it is always worth it in the end. My CHALLENGE for you today is pick a goal that is audacious and maybe a year away, write it down and then work out how it can possibly be done.

LUCK CREATING ENVIRONMEN­T – The great players in all sports get more luck… FACT. This is because they create a lucky environmen­t from all the hard work they put in. Work hard, dream big. Work hard and get some luck. Winners are never lucky; it is all the things that have gone on behind the scenes that have caused the universe to be so giving for them. My CHALLENGE to you today is to give things a go and see what happens, how lucky do you feel?

ENERGY – I am all about the energy. I love giving off a ridiculous amount of energy. I also love being with high energy people. I buzz off them. Energy for me is an important trait for everyone to have. High energy in a room can light up a dull crowd. High energy can transform someone’s life. High energy can mean the difference between a bad day and a great day. My CHALLENGE to you is to attack today with high energy. Give it everything you have and own it.

NEGATIVITY BUSTING – You know my view on negativity. I have no time for it. Why be negative when you can be constructi­ve and positive.

There is no NEGATIVE feedback. You either win or you learn. My CHALLENGE to you today is ask someone for some honest feedback on yourself. Whatever the feedback just make sure you go out and implement and move forward.

GAINS – Life is all about the Gains. In training terms it can be about lifting more weight or more reps. It could be adding some seriously lean muscle. It could be looking the part and owning your life. Go for the Gains and add value to your life. My CHALLENGE to you is focus on something today and exceed expectatio­ns. Go for the achievemen­t level of AWESOME.

Finally… EXCITEMENT – Do everything with excitement. When we went to Euro Disney as a family over Christmas, you could feel the excitement and energy flow around us. It was magical. But you know what you don’t have to be riding roller coasters and eating breakfast with Mickey Mouse to be excited. This is a resourcefu­l state that you can create as and when you need it. Get excited and then spread it around. My CHALLENGE to you today is to get excited about something and then share that excitement around. You never know but you just might make someone’s day.

So there you have it…

CHALLENGE – Choices, Happiness, Action, Long Term, Luck Creating, Energy, Negativity Busting, Gains and Excitement.

Are you up to the challenge of life?

Are you up to the challenge of bettering yourself?

Do you want to be the best that you can be? I just set myself a writing challenge of creating an article about bossing the challenge of LIFE….What challenges are you going to boss today?

Have a great week, I am now buzzing and I hope you are too… go and smash it!

 ??  ?? You don't need to ride a roller coaster to get energy flowing around you … get excited and spread it around
You don't need to ride a roller coaster to get energy flowing around you … get excited and spread it around
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