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The King Connection… Henley On Thames

- By Jeremy Edwards, AntiqArt

IF you are lucky, at some point in your life, you will come across an artist whose work you simply fall in love with, one of my personal passions is art by former local artist, Jeremy King.

Now, while I recognise this may not be for everyone, art is such a personal choice after all, I cannot help but feel that this particular artist and painting is one that we have every right to be proud of in Berkshire.

To understand why I need to give you a bit of context.

Jeremy King was born in Oundle in Northampto­nshire in 1933 and showed a very early talent for drawing and painting.

He studied at Lancaster and Morecambe College of Art and became an art and design teacher at Haymills School in Burnham near Slough until 1967 when he decided to follow his passion, retired from teaching and became a full-time artist.

Many of his works around the late 60’s and early 70’s were of riverside scenes, significan­t buildings or landscapes along the Berkshire section of The Thames and this is one of those.

He lived and breathed the Berkshire air and painted many scenes up and down the River Thames locally. By the mid 1970’s he had made a name for himself nationally and internatio­nally and he and his family decided to seek a more peaceful way of life and moved away to Cornwall. Prior to moving away, Mr King had built a significan­t catalogue of, and love for many Berkshire scenes. Jeremy King is a very successful artist with some of his work having been hung in The Tate Gallery and indeed some of his limited-edition prints are in The Tate’s print collection. His style has changed somewhat over the years with his use of colour being his most notable change, possibly due to the influence of his wife, Brenda King, who is also an artist and renowned for her vibrant colourful oil paintings.

Now this original oil painting, in his early minimalist style, is painted on artists board. It is a typical Jeremy King riverside scene and was painted on the Berkshire bank of the Thames looking back at the town of Henley from the meadows back down towards Marlow. Henley Bridge and church (both clearly identifiab­le) can be seen through the bare branches of the trees in winter time with an almost misty quality to the scene.

It is signed and dated to the bottom right hand corner and was painted in 1979.

This painting is available currently in my showroom or online and is a real bargain at only £600.

This great original painting, along with many others, is available to view and purchase at AntiqArt, the “preloved art” gallery at Holme Grange Craft Village or online at www. antiqart.co.uk or call us on 0118 327 5421.

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