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Something to cheer: this group rocks


THE WOKINGHAM PAPER SOMETIMES it’s the little things that mean the most.

For all the doom and gloom and election bun fighting, it’s always nice to report on an uplifting and cheering story.

So the news that a painted rock, decorated by a Wokingham family, is now on a world tour after being found at St James’ Park is welcome.

Only the most dour faced lemon suckers would not raise a smile at how a little old rock is bringing happiness wherever it goes.

That it has been found by an Australian couple on their honeymoon is the icing on the wedding cake.

For the Collins, who decorated and hid the rock, they can take pride.

For the Millars, they have a talking point as they tour Europe.

We wish them every happiness in their married life.

The Wokingham Rocks initiative (and there are other similar groups around the borough) is brilliant.

Hidden treasures made from ordinary pebbles and stones just waiting to be found in select locations. It’s a great way to get families out and about searching for these rocks and it encourages latent artistic tenancies in everyone who takes part.

And then there’s the community on Facebook – search for Wokingham Rocks.

It is uplifting, delightful and something that Wokingham does best.

Wokingham Rocks rocks!

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