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Pledges, pledges…


I read the article about the Conservati­ves’ election pledges and would like to comment on the points: Stopping inappropri­ate devolvemen­ts

They need to sort out the concrete works installed in the Toutley Road depot.

On May 28, it will have been installed for a year I know moves are afoot but they are taking far too long.

If I had built something without planning it would be stopped by now, not still trading nearly a year on.

Helping to residents have their own home

I welcome this but not every person is able to buy and we need find a way to build some social houses. Investing in roads

The sum of £124 million seem a lot of money and I would like to see a breakdown of where they are planning to spend so much money and over what period.

If this is only on the current proposed new roads north and south of Wokingham this is excessive. Say that as a estimate it there is 25 miles of new road, that relates to just under £5 million per mile. I am very disappoint­ed that there is no commitment to attempt to shorten the delivery of the Winnersh bypass – not till 2021 according to a Conservati­ve candidate flyer. Regarding roads I would like to see planning published with deadlines I feel the current situation is still too loose. Enabling schools and Ryeish Green

I welcome this programme but yet again I would like to see delivery programme with dates and costs and which are funded.

I would like to see a commitment to fight for a better deal from central government and the fact that we could be sending central government £7 million in a couple of years time – this is not acceptable. Money raised in Wokingham should stay in Wokingham

In short this is what we are going to do without an action plan? There is so much hot air. Rod Needs Emmbrook Resident

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