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Chaos, what chaos redux


I hope Stuart Munro (currently an election candidate for the Conservati­ves

in Swallowfie­ld – Editor) and the other councillor­s involved in what is happening in our town have read the two pages of letters ( The Wokingham

Paper, April 5).

Not one letter had anything good to write about what you are doing.

Most are complainin­g about the destructio­n of our lovely old town and the destructio­n of our lovely old trees including oaks of many years.

One letter says hundreds of trees have been lost. It is thousands of trees over the latter years: Shinfield, Arborfield, Swallowfie­ld, Wokingham Station and Winnersh and now here in Wokingham.

On reading The Wokingham Paper you appear to have more plans to chop down many more trees for future planning of yet more brick boxes of socalled houses to be built and then more and more the Future Trees Trust have been on TV and radio asking to keep our trees as much as possible as so many are being lost.

Here, under Wokingham Borough

Council, most old oak trees have gone, but you have left three trees, young and spindly, yet the beautiful old oaks chopped down. Why did you not insist on keeping them when plans were made? It’s not too much to ask is it?

Our wildlife has gone.

The white paving is now showing. It matches Boots, shock, but how it screams at the old handmade red bricks of the old town hall.

The walkways of white, now black with all the dirt from cars driving over it. Wokingham is not a regenerati­on but how to destroy and spoil a lovely little town concreting over natural spaces we enjoy to walk our dogs into prim walkways. How horrible.

You councillor­s appear not to be able to understand the people of Wokingham are mostly furious at what is happening, myself I am furious at the loss of the lovely old trees. Shame on you all. H Boyed, Wokingham

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