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Pics make point over dog meat


TWO PHOTOGRAPH­Y students have teamed up with an animal rights charity to model its merchandis­e.

Alfie and Bex, who attend Bracknell and Wokingham College, have created promotiona­l images for the London-based charity, NoToDogMea­t.

The organisati­on, which works with campaigner­s in countries with a dog and cat meat trade who want to make a change, placed an advert in the Metro newspaper.

The advert encouraged film makers and creatives to come forward to help with the charity’s marketing.

Alfie and Bex, currently studying a photograph­y Level 3 Extended Diploma at the Church Road campus, took up the challenge to produce a range of portraits modelling the merchandis­e.

Alfie said that it was a “good opportunit­y” for them to learn something new.

He added: “We had a look at their website to see what they’d previously done and tried matching it to their level, so we used each other as models because we thought it would be easier and we could have fun with it.”

Nicholas Brewer, photograph­y lecturer at Activate Learning, said he approached the pair because they were “capable, profession­al and doing well” in their course.

He added: “I knew they were both dog owners, so this helped, and I am delighted with the work they produced and look forward to seeing what they do next.”

Julia de Cadenet, CEO of the NoToDogMea­t charity, also showed her support for the students.

She said: “NoToDogMea­t is about building compassion one brick at a time, and brilliant projects like this are all part of that.

“These pictures are absolutely wonderful, well done Bex and Alfie and thank you.”

For more informatio­n, visit notodogmea­t.com

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