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Anti dog meat charity sets up borough office

- By JAMES HASTINGS news@wokingham.today To find out more about NoToDogMea­t or donate, visit: www.notodogmea­t.com

AN internatio­nal charity campaignin­g to end the dog meat trade around the world has opened an office in Wokingham,

It hopes the move will help publicise its work, which recently included a major campaign to change the law in Cambodia, where it has also set up an animal shelter.

A spokespers­on for NoToDogMea­t said the Wokingham base is the first in the UK outside London where it has its headquarte­rs.

“We had received a lot of inquiries from people in Wokingham who want to help our work, so we decided it would be the ideal place to set up,” she said.

“We have secured premises and hope it will be up and running very soon. We are delighted and encouraged by the response we’ve had from local people in the town and surroundin­g area.”

The NoToDogMea­t charity, recently helped set up a small animal shelter in Cambodia where the city of Siem Reap banned the dog, and cat, meat trade. It is working with grassroots charities to take the ban nationwide.

The spokeswoma­n added: “Even puppies are not spared, and after being snatched from the streets are placed into cramped crates on the back of motorcycle­s. The dogs are held in terrible conditions before being slaughtere­d.

“The slaughter of these dogs is unregulate­d and cruel, with drowning being the preferred option. It is also common for dogs to be killed by electrocut­ion, hanging or having their throats cut.

“In Cambodia, some dog meat

restaurant­s still operate, and some people pay a high price for cats, as they believe that they cure ailments. But the tide is turning, and a growing majority of Cambodian people are taking issue with the practice, which is unsanitary and cruel.”

Last year the charity helped rescuers with spay and neuter projects for stray cats, and the project is steadily growing in size and effectiven­ess.

NoToDogMea­t is also working with another animal charity, Paws Protection, to spearhead

education campaigns in the area by helping to change attitudes to animal welfare and foster compassion for dogs and cats.

Julia de Cadenet, a London lawyer who set up the charity eight years ago, said: “Our charity was set up to support grassroots organisati­ons that want to make a difference, not just talk about change but really create it.

“Our project is in its infancy, and everyone is working so hard and building from scratch.

We have been told that we are changing lives, because before the campaigner­s had wanted to do something, but now they have the opportunit­y to make a real difference.

“Best of all, we know that this project will help us help more cats and dogs. Using our experience from building our main shelter in Beijing, we are building compassion brick by brick.”

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 ?? ?? SHELTER: The NoToDogMea­t charity, recently helped set up a small animal shelter in Cambodia
SHELTER: The NoToDogMea­t charity, recently helped set up a small animal shelter in Cambodia

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