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Bill nighy

The 68-year-old Bri­tish ac­tor found fame in Love Ac­tu­ally and has dom­i­nated our screens ever since. This month, he’s star­ring in The Book­shop

Bill lives in Lon­don and has a grown-up daugh­ter, Mary, with his ex-part­ner diana Quick.

My rise to fame...

Love Ac­tu­ally changed my life in a very good way. Richard Cur­tis gave me a very good role, and it changed my pro­fes­sional life and a lot in my per­sonal life. so it’s some­thing I should be grate­ful for. but when fans speak with me in the street, I feel like I’m dis­ap­point­ing them be­cause I’m not billy mack, I’m just a nor­mal bloke!

My early mem­o­ries… I don’t love act­ing; I did act­ing be­cause I didn’t want to do some other things. When I got into drama school, they said, “We hope you re­alise there may be long pe­ri­ods where you’re out of work,” and I had to keep a straight face be­cause that’s ex­actly what I had in mind. long pe­ri­ods of no work. that’s what I call glam­our. It still gives me a thrill to walk around when every­body else is at work.

My days off… When I’m work­ing I have to get up at 5am, so when I’m not I like to get up at 10am. I put on some John lee Hooker, shave, then go round to the café for a leisurely break­fast with two foot­ball pages. then I go to the book­shop for a browse. My sig­nif­i­cant oth­ers... When mary was grow­ing up she’d say, “you wanted a boy, didn’t you?” I’d say, “no!’ and I re­ally didn’t. I thought, let’s fill the house with women, as far as I’m con­cerned. but she thought I was keep­ing some­thing from her. she’d oc­ca­sion­ally sit down in front of a foot­ball game with me and say, “Do we like the red ones or the blue ones?” My new film, The Book­shop… I’ve read most of Penelope Fitzger­ald’s books, in­clud­ing The Book­shop [about a mid­dle-aged wi­dow try­ing to start a book­shop in 1950s eng­land], and I adore it. I was very pleased to be in the film adap­ta­tion, par­tic­u­larly when I had read the script, and hav­ing worked with [direc­tor] Isabel [Coixet] and emily [mor­timer] be­fore. my feel­ing is that it will be a won­der­ful film and that’s not PR – I say that be­cause it’s true!

✢ the book­shop is re­leased in cin­e­mas on 29 June.

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