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Over the years, I strug­gled to lose those ex­cess pounds that be­gan to ap­pear through­out my late 20’s, keep­ing a firm hold on my body well into my 30’s. With every pass­ing year came a new low-cal diet pro­gramme promis­ing dra­matic weight loss in an in­stant. Weight loss would come, but at the ex­pense of proper nutri­tion and it was never long be­fore that dreaded weight gain re­turned once more. Healthy, sus­tain­able weight loss was all I wished for...

Weight Loss That Worked For Me

Over a weekly cof­fee meet with my friends, they rec­om­mended a prod­uct that not only achieved ef­fec­tive weight loss, but was backed up by a mul­ti­tude of sci­en­tific stud­ies. Re­searchers found this prod­uct achieved greater weight loss and im­por­tantly, for me, long-term weight main­te­nance when com­pared to a reg­u­lar low-fat diet1. This pro­gramme was specif­i­cally de­signed to pro­vide the body with es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents and su­pe­rior protein which would keep my me­tab­o­lism run­ning at an op­ti­mum level while los­ing weight. This com­bined with a struc­tured, easy to fol­low diet plan pro­vided me with all the nec­es­sary tools I needed to en­sure my weight loss goals were not only achiev­able but prac­ti­cally sus­tain­able. Talk­ing over, I knew I had to try it for my­self.

The Most Trusted Weight Loss Brand

Sur­pris­ingly, peo­ple want­ing to lose weight or im­prove their well-be­ing have been re­ly­ing on Al­mased® and its ben­e­fits for more than 30 years! Fur­ther read­ing led me to dis­cover that only the high­est qual­ity, nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents are used to make Al­mased®. Soya, skimmed milk yogurt and en­zyme-rich honey are com­bined to cre­ate this No.1* weight loss prod­uct, with more protein than any other meal re­place­ment in the UK to­day. Re­ceiv­ing the ac­co­lade of Reader’s Di­gest Most Trusted Brand† 2018, voted by con­sumers, as­sured me I had found some­thing truly spe­cial.

Long-Term Suc­cess

Four months from the be­gin­ning of my Al­mased® jour­ney, I had lost 2 stones. It was con­ve­nient and quick to pre­pare with no time spent count­ing calo­ries. My en­ergy lev­els in­creased and my body shape was vis­i­bly more toned be­cause I re­tained all my mus­cle def­i­ni­tion while still los­ing weight. Since then, I con­tin­ued to use Al­mased® for the pur­pose of weight main­te­nance, re­plac­ing one easy meal on a daily ba­sis. To­day, I am 21/2 stones lighter, have been able to keep my weight off longterm and feel I’m 20 again.

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