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QI’ve found a lump just at the en­trance of my vagina, it doesn’t hurt, but some­thing is def­i­nitely there. Do I need to worry?

Philippa says:

AGo to your GP to be checked out so you can rule out other con­di­tions, but it could be a Bartholin’s cyst. Bartholin’s glands are a pair of glands found at the open­ing of the vagina which pro­duce a fluid to lu­bri­cate the vagina dur­ing sex. The fluid trav­els from the gland to the vagina though a tiny tube called a duct. If this duct be­comes blocked (and we don’t know why this hap­pens) the fluid can build up, caus­ing a cyst that looks like a lump – you may no­tice that it gets big­ger dur­ing sex. If it’s not caus­ing any prob­lems, it’s best left alone, how­ever if it starts to cause you pain, or if it be­comes in­fected, then you may need to have it re­moved.

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