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7.30am Get up with ginger

Add a few slices of raw ginger root to boil­ing wa­ter to help soothe a sore throat. It also helps flush out tox­ins, kills bad bac­te­ria with its anti-in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties and wards off feel­ings of nau­sea if you’re re­ally run down.

9.30am Clear congestion

Head feel like it’s about to ex­plode? Take Nuro­fen Cold & Flu Re­lief (£2.99 for 16) – it com­bines ibupro­fen with phenyle­phrine (a de­con­ges­tant) to help re­lieve that bunged-up feel­ing and pro­vide pain re­lief for eight hours.

11.30am Re­hy­drate

Drink­ing enough wa­ter will help flush out lur­gies. You tend to lose a lot of fluid through your nose and from a fever, so re­plen­ish­ing is a must. It will keep your throat lu­bri­cated and loosen mu­cus.

1.30pm Eat an omelette or egg sand­wich

Rich in se­le­nium, eggs help pro­tect your body’s cells from dam­age, while main­tain­ing its de­fence sys­tem by stim­u­lat­ing pro­duc­tion of cells in your im­mune sys­tem.

4pm Cure that cough

Dry? Ch­esty? Tickly? It can be con­fus­ing choos­ing the right medicine for your cough. Uni­cough (£8.99 for 150ml) – the clue’s in the name – treats all types by re­duc­ing ir­ri­ta­tion in your throat’s nerve end­ings.

6.30pm Turn up the heat

If you’re still feel­ing con­gested, try a warm com­press on your face to make you feel bet­ter. Sim­ply run a flan­nel un­der hot wa­ter, wring it out and place it across the bridge of your nose and cheeks for a few min­utes. It will help re­lease any built-up pres­sure.

8.30pm Sip a hot toddy

Not just an ex­cuse for a tip­ple be­fore bed, this old favourite can ac­tu­ally help ease your symp­toms. Whisky di­lates the blood ves­sels, bring­ing more im­mune cells into your nose. Honey’s thick con­sis­tency can help coat your throat and lemon gives you a hit of vi­ta­min C. Hope­fully, you’ll wake up re­freshed and vir­tu­ally snif­fle-free... Or you’ll at least fall asleep quicker!

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