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Have you ever won­dered how the game of bingo be­gan? It has been pop­u­lar for decades and has a rich and in­ter­est­ing his­tory, which goes back cen­turies! Here is a quick over­view for you to en­joy, along with some fas­ci­nat­ing facts so you can wow your friends in the chat rooms with your new­found bingo knowl­edge!


Some schol­ars sug­gest that the game goes back to the Ro­man em­pire – just imag­ine the em­per­ors in their to­gas shout­ing out ‘Bingo’ while strate­gis­ing the next in­va­sion! more widely ac­knowl­edged is the the­ory that bingo has its roots in 16th-cen­tury italy, un­der the name Lo giuoco del Lotto D’italia.


The game was fur­ther in­tro­duced through­out europe but was es­pe­cially suc­cess­ful in France with the aris­toc­racy in the late 1770s. Their ver­sion with squares, rows, columns and ran­dom num­bers looked like the de­sign we know to­day. in 19th-cen­tury ger­many, bingo was not only a fun game, but it was also used to help stu­dents learn maths, spell­ing and even his­tory.


in the 1920s, the game ar­rived in north amer­ica where it was named ‘beano’ as the play­ers used to place beans on their num­bers. it is widely be­lieved that toy­maker ed­win Lowe came across the game while vis­it­ing a car­ni­val and de­cided to make his own ver­sion. Six thou­sand bingo cards were made, and it’s said he called it bingo, be­cause he heard some­one shout it in­stead of ‘beano’.


Bingo mi­grated to the uk and, from the 1960s on­wards, its pop­u­lar­ity con­tin­ued to grow. mil­lions of peo­ple like to play bingo as the game does not only pro­vide fun but also friendly so­cial in­ter­ac­tion. and, with the in­tro­duc­tion of on­line bingo, it shed its tra­di­tional for­mat and keeps at­tract­ing young and old. Bingo is a game for ev­ery gen­er­a­tion! Join Woman Bingo to­day and have fun!

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