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Toni Quandt, 46, from Craw­ley, used her £8,989 win to make her home cosier than ever

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s I set­tled down in bed with my dog, Topsy, I chat­ted away to my hus­band, Paul, 48, while he pot­tered around, putting clothes away in the wardrobe. Af­ter a long day at work, I loved noth­ing more than head­ing to bed early to catch up on my favourite soaps on the TV or paint my nails.

Paul would of­ten sit with me, too, and we’d nat­ter about our day.

‘I might play a bit of bingo tonight,’ I told him, open­ing up my lap­top.

It was May 2018 and af­ter log­ging into my Woman Bingo ac­count, I de­cided on Ses­sion Bingo, where you play a mix of 15 dif­fer­ent 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball Bingo games for an hour. I’d been a mem­ber of the web­site for the last six years, and al­ways had so much fun when I played.

More than any­thing, I loved the com­mu­nity it had in­tro­duced me to. I’d met so many friends in the chat rooms, like-minded women who all loved play­ing a game of bingo from the com­fort of our home! We en­joyed shar­ing sto­ries about our fam­i­lies, and al­ways had so much to say to each other when it came to our favourite games of bingo.

But tonight, I was too fo­cused on catch­ing up on my favourite soaps to notice the mes­sages ping­ing away.

It was only as I glanced away from the TV in an ad­vert break, that I sud­denly re­alised I’d al­ready got two full lines.

‘Three num­bers left to go!’ I told Paul. Only, as the next few were called, I dis­cov­ered that they were all mine.

‘I’ve won!’ I screeched, caus­ing Topsy to jump up off the bed in shock.

Then I looked closer – I’d scooped the £7,489 jack­pot! ‘I can’t be­lieve it,’ I gasped. ‘Bril­liant!’ Paul laughed. Since we were re­dec­o­rat­ing the house, Paul and I de­cided to spend part of the win­nings on some new dou­ble-glaz­ing. ‘The house is go­ing to look great,’ I said, ex­cit­edly, as I browsed dif­fer­ent styles online.

I even had some money left over to put in the Christ­mas fund.

Then, a few months later, in Oc­to­ber, I de­cided to pre-buy tick­ets on Sap­phire Bingo – which, sim­i­lar to a tra­di­tional game of bingo, is played with 90 balls.

After­wards, I set my phone aside while I did a bit of tidy­ing.

‘Shall we go up to bed?’ I asked Paul half an hour later.

I’d com­pletely for­got­ten about the bingo game I’d bought tick­ets for ear­lier.

Af­ter chang­ing into my py­ja­mas, I plugged my phone in be­side my bed and drifted off to sleep. Only, dur­ing the night, I woke up for a wee and while check­ing the time I no­ticed an ear­lier mes­sage from one of my bingo pals. ‘Con­grats, Toni!’ it read. Con­fused, I checked my ac­count. It was up by £1,500 !

‘Paul, I’ve won again!’ I yelled, shak­ing him awake as he mur­mured in protest.

I couldn’t be­lieve it – two big wins in five months!

This time, Paul and I de­cided to spend some of the money on a new boiler. Now our home is cosier than ever – and we’ve even treated our­selves to some more lux­ury items like new sofa cush­ions.

I have to ad­mit, the best thing about the win was shar­ing my joy with my online friends. They were so happy for me, it was as though they’d won the jack­pot them­selves! Be­ing part of the bingo com­mu­nity is such fun and a great way to meet new peo­ple. And of course, a win makes it all the sweeter!

‘i’d had two big wins in five months’

Toni spent some of her sec­ond win on a new boiler New dou­ble-glaz­ing was the first thing on the shop­ping list!

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