The vet in­duced my dog to vomit – is that nor­mal?

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While you would pre­sume we spend the ma­jor­ity of our time try­ing to stop an­i­mals from vom­it­ing, you may be sur­prised to hear that we of­ten need to make them throw up.

Whether they’ve scoffed a sock, or de­cided to pil­lage the pantry, some­times we need to get those stom­ach con­tents out be­fore they travel fur­ther in the gut and start wreak­ing havoc. Equally, some silly pups will in­gest thor­oughly toxic sub­stances such as rat poi­son or anti-freeze. How­ever, cer­tain things can be dan­ger­ous to bring back up. If a dog has eaten bleach, vom­it­ing will not be in­duced as it could lead to caus­ing caus­tic burns and as­pi­ra­tion pneu­mo­nia. Your pet will usu­ally re­ceive an in­jec­tion of some­thing called apo­mor­phine, which will have them vom­it­ing in mere min­utes. Sadly, lessons are not al­ways learnt and we quite fre­quently see re­peat of­fend­ers in the clinic!

‘We of­ten make Them Throw up’

Your dog can be made to be sick if it’s swal­lowed some­thing it shouldn’t

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