you’ll never be­lieve it: if we weren’t sis­ters we wouldn’t be friends

Who says you have to be close to your sib­lings? Th­ese women can­didly dis­cuss fam­ily taboos...

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It’s a sur­pris­ing con­fes­sion, but one that’s more com­mon than you’d think. Thanks to their wildly dif­fer­ent hob­bies, val­ues and out­look on life, th­ese two sets of sis­ters say they wouldn’t be friends if they weren’t bonded by blood...

‘We’re just so dif­fer­ent’

Aimee Bradley loves her older sis­ter Lianne White dearly – but would ‘never choose to hang out with her’.

‘That sounds hor­ri­ble, doesn’t it?’ the 33-year-old mum says. ‘Grow­ing up, I was ex­tro­verted, had loads of friends and dated boys. My sis­ter never did that. She’d just read books – six a day at the week­end. She’s a Mills & Boon fan and you’d know when she was read­ing that as you’d hear gig­gles from the bed­room. She’s also into gam­ing and owns ev­ery games con­sole ever made.’

Lianne, 38, who has mus­cu­lar dys­tro­phy and di­a­betes, says, ‘We’re just so dif­fer­ent. She’s five years younger than me and loves par­ty­ing. We just have dif­fer­ent hob­bies.’

Aimee says the pair, who live a cou­ple of roads away from one an­other in ha­vant, hamp­shire, are ‘chalk and cheese’. ‘Lianne’s just come back from a me­dieval re-en­act­ment week­end with the guy she’s dat­ing,’ she says. ‘he was in a full 1600s suit of ar­mour!’

For­mer beauty ther­a­pist Aimee is mar­ried to hus­band davin, 34, and they have a four-year-old daugh­ter, Au­tumn, while Lianne ‘just wants to be on her own with the dog’. The pair have grown closer since the death of their mother, Gly­nis, when Aimee was just 25. Aimee says, ‘Be­fore mum died, she said, “Aimee, just have pa­tience with her.” I have a child now, so I know what it’s like to need pa­tience.’

Lianne adds, ‘Aimee doesn’t al­ways think about other peo­ple’s feel­ings. And she finds it an­noy­ing I never an­swer my phone.’ de­spite their dif­fer­ences, Aimee is happy they are sib­lings. ‘I love her. We’ve al­ways been there for each other,’ she says.

Lianne adds, ‘Aimee helps me with dif­fer­ent things. I help mostly with babysit­ting. Au­tumn is a lot bet­ter be­haved for me than Aimee. We don’t get on all of the time – but most of it.’

‘Sounds hor­ri­ble, doesn’t it?’

Lianne and her sis­ter Aimee are po­lar op­po­sites

The pair are ‘chalk and cheese’

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