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The mois­ture mag­net

Dur­ing the night, skin is warmer, which is great news for the prod­ucts you ap­ply be­fore bed – they can re­ally per­me­ate – but the flip­side is that you lose mois­ture and your face can feel de­hy­drated come morn­ing. Sim­ple Wa­ter Boost Hy­drat­ing Booster, £6.99, is like a tall drink of wa­ter for thirsty skin. You can mix it with your night cream to add an ex­tra hit of hy­dra­tion or ap­ply it alone for a skin-quench­ing treat­ment.

The night­shift oil

Even if you’re one of the lucky ‘eight hours a night’ sleep­ers, your skin may not be reap­ing the ben­e­fits. Why? Your sleep pat­tern can eas­ily be dis­rupted by blue light emit­ted from your phone or tablet, caf­feine, sugar and al­co­hol, which can leave skin look­ing dry. Elemis Pep­tide Night Re­cov­ery Cream-oil, £49,, sup­ports the skin’s in­ter­nal clock so it knows to fo­cus on re­pair even if sleep is bro­ken. Plus, its skin drench­ing nat­u­ral oils help counter the ef­fects of the wa­ter loss we face each night, too. One hun­dred per cent of testers agreed they looked like they’d had eight hours sleep.

The fa­tigue fighter

They say your eyes are the win­dows to your soul – they also hap­pen to be the big­gest give­away of a bad night’s sleep. The skin around your eyes is del­i­cate so you don’t want to over­load it with night cream. Opt for a light­weight serum in­stead, like El­iz­a­beth Ar­den Ad­vanced Ceramide Cap­sules, £52. Each vial is filled with enough prod­uct to smooth around both eyes. The serum helps strengthen the skin bar­rier to boost hy­dra­tion be­neath the sur­face so fine lines, wrin­kles and crow’s feet ap­pear smoother. And by stim­u­lat­ing the re­newal pro­cess, you’ll find dark cir­cles and puffi­ness look less no­tice­able.

The so­porific soak

Get­ting a bath be­fore bed can help you nod off. That’s be­cause we ex­pe­ri­ence a slight drop in tem­per­a­ture right be­fore we go to sleep, so soak­ing in a warm bath helps raise your body tem­per­a­ture ar­ti­fi­cially be­fore cool­ing down, coax­ing you into that sleepy zone. Turbo-charge your tub time with a gen­er­ous glug of Feather & Down Bath Essence, £7, un­der warm run­ning wa­ter. It’s in­fused with laven­der and chamomile es­sen­tial oils to soothe the senses as the cloud-like bub­bles soften skin.

Have your bath or shower at least an hour be­fore bed, oth­er­wise you’ll just feel hot and sticky

The sleep SPF

Dur­ing the day, skin is on high alert pro­tect­ing it­self against the en­vi­ron­ment, which is why ev­ery morn­ing should start with a layer of sun cream – but what about bed­time? Niod Sur­vival 0, £20, vic­to­ri­a­, acts like an SPF for night. sure there’s no sun, and this prod­uct doesn’t con­tain any UV pro­tec­tion, but it does re­verse signs of photo dam­age and bol­ster the skin’s de­fences against ev­ery­thing else, such as blue light, stress and pol­lu­tion – all while you sleep.

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