Be­hind the photo: Oh baby! That was a sur­prise – one woman’s wed­ding­day secret

Suzanne Holdsworth, 33, danced and drank on her wed­ding day not real­is­ing her big secret…

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When my fi­ancé Chris pro­posed at my 30th birth­day party I’d never been so happy. And, of course, I im­me­di­ately started plan­ning the wed­ding.

‘The girls can wear pink brides­maid dresses,’ I told Chris, ex­cit­edly. ‘And maybe a grey suit for Josh.’ I could pic­ture it now – Eme­lye, then four, and Poppy, two, would look adorable, and Josh, 10, would look so hand­some. The only prob­lem was me…

I’d never lost the weight after hav­ing chil­dren and now it was April 2014, and at 5ft 2in and 12st 7lb, I was de­ter­mined to lose some weight be­fore the big day. So while I planned the flow­ers and booked the caterer, I chal­lenged my­self to see how much I could shed over the next year.

Get­ting in shape

I did ev­ery­thing I could – go­ing to the gym, swim­ming, cy­cling, walk­ing, and run­ning after two small kids helped. By the time our wed­ding day came around, in July 2015, I’d lost 2st. My size 12 dress had to be taken in and, as I walked down the aisle, Chris’ face said it all. ‘You look in­cred­i­ble,’ he whis­pered, reach­ing for my hand. I felt it too, and the day passed in a happy blur of cham­pagne and danc­ing.

After the wed­ding I kept up with my reg­u­lar ex­er­cise. Only then, a few months later in Novem­ber 2015, I woke up feel­ing ter­ri­ble. Chris was on his way out to his se­cu­rity job but, dou­bled over on the stairs, I couldn’t even get up to kiss him good­bye.

‘I don’t think you should go to­day,’ I said, my face twisted in agony. ‘I can’t look after Poppy feel­ing like this. I feel like I’m go­ing to be sick.’ The pain on my left side was get­ting worse. ‘Some­thing’s re­ally wrong,’ said Chris. ‘I’m call­ing an am­bu­lance.’

The older kids were at school and Poppy was watch­ing TV in the liv­ing room, and as Chris called for help I man­aged to heave my­self to our bed­room. But I didn’t make it to the bed. As an­other jolt shot through me, I crum­bled to my knees, writhing in pain. I’d been fine the night be­fore, play­ing with the kids, let­ting them jump and climb all over me. When the paramedics ar­rived one sus­pected it was my ap­pen­dix, but they wanted an­other opin­ion so they called out a sec­ond crew. Sud­denly, I felt the urge to push. I let out an almighty scream, and felt a surge of pres­sure be­tween my legs. It all hap­pened so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to process what was go­ing on. But I could see the shock on the paramedics’ faces and, as they whipped off my jeans, I reached my hand down… ‘It’s a baby!’ I screamed. The head was fully out and with one more push my lit­tle girl came scream­ing into the world as I lay there, stunned. I looked back and forth from the baby to Chris. How could I have been preg­nant with­out real­is­ing? My pe­ri­ods had al­ways been ir­reg­u­lar, so that wasn’t any­thing un­usual, but I’d been drink­ing, ex­er­cis­ing vig­or­ously and ac­tu­ally los­ing weight, not putting it on. Later, doc­tors at the hospi­tal checked the baby and con­firmed that al­though she was small – just 5lb 8oz – she was per­fect. ‘Let’s call her Le­ora,’ Chris sug­gested. But I just couldn’t un­der­stand how I hadn’t known I was preg­nant. On my wed­ding day, when I’d drunk cham­pagne and danced for hours, I’d been six months gone! Now Le­ora is thriv­ing and is a happy, cheeky tod­dler. And Chris and I are be­ing ex­tra care­ful to make sure there are no more big sur­prises!

‘I’d ac­tu­ally been los­ing weight, not putting it on’

Eme­lye and Poppy with their lit­tle sis­ter Le­ora, and their proud par­ents (left)

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