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Lloyd­sphar­macy phar­ma­cist, Fo­ram Pa­tel, shares her tips for painful joints and hands

1 Try some drug-free re­lief

‘TENS ma­chines (a small bat­tery­op­er­ated de­vice with sticky pads) use elec­trodes to help spe­cific ar­eas. Or try a sim­ple heat wrap to soothe mus­cles.’

2 Keep mov­ing

‘Hand ex­er­cises re­lieve stiff­ness. Fin­ger-flex­ing and touch­ing ex­er­cises and ro­tat­ing wrists, can be done any­time.’

3 Take a sup­ple­ment

‘Con­tain­ing boswellia (In­dian frank­in­cense) and ginger, Flex­iqule (£16.99) helps to man­age the body’s in­flam­ma­tory re­sponse and sup­port nor­mal joint func­tion.’

Tar­get painful ar­eas with a TENS ma­chine

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