Lor­raine’s se­cret facelift? Sur­geon re­veals ver­dict on her new ‘tight’ face

she’s look­ing younger than ever, and fans can’t help but wonder if Lor­raine has had a se­cret cos­metic pro­ce­dure

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‘Jowls can start to sag with age’

At the age of 58, there is sim­ply no deny­ing that Lor­raine Kelly is look­ing far younger than her years.

And af­ter she hosted her reg­u­lar morn­ing chat show re­cently, fans have been com­ment­ing that the pre­sen­ter’s face ap­peared to be par­tic­u­larly tighter than usual.

‘She’s an­other one who looks to have been mess­ing with her face. Why is it that too many women in the lime­light have to do this when it’s so ob­vi­ous that they have had work done?’ one fan com­mented. While an­other wrote, ‘What has she done to her face? Looks like Bo­tox and fillers have changed the shape of her face.’

De­spite Lor­raine pre­vi­ously ad­mit­ting her youth­ful com­plex­ion was down to the use of a £350 mois­turiser morn­ing and night, John Ryan of MYA Cos­metic Surgery be­lieves the star may have had some work done.

Non-sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure?

‘It is pos­si­ble that Lor­raine un­der­went non-sur­gi­cal treat­ments,’ he ex­plains. ‘The area at the bot­tom of the cheeks – of­ten re­ferred to as the jowls – can start to sag with age as soft tis­sue be­comes de­flated over time.’

And when you con­sider that Lor­raine is grac­ing our screens daily, it’s un­der­stand­able that she may want a lit­tle bit of help to re­duce vis­i­ble signs of the age­ing process. An in­sider close to the TV per­son­al­ity has even re­vealed to Woman’s Own that the sub­tler the bet­ter as far as Lor­raine’s con­cerned. ‘Lor­raine knows look­ing young is a key part of her job – she’s the first thing a lot of peo­ple see on TV in the morn­ings,’ our in­sider re­veals. ‘She wouldn’t want to make any dras­tic changes, it’s all about sub­tle ones that help her age grace­fully.’ John Ryan adds that one of the non-sur­gi­cal treat­ments that could have helped Lor­raine rewind the hands of time is a type of non-in­va­sive ‘facelift’.

‘A po­ten­tial pro­ce­dure that Lor­raine may have had is the non-sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure known as a Sil­hou­ette lift. This treat­ment is also known as the “one-stitch facelift” as it in­volves plac­ing a fine thread (or stitch) down the cheeks or jaw­line,’ he re­veals.

‘The thread pulls up sag­ging skin from the inside, giv­ing a more de­fined and youth­ful look. The treat­ment is done un­der lo­cal anaes­thetic, takes just

hours and has very min­i­mal down­time, so it’s pos­si­ble Lor­raine could have re­cov­ered very quickly.’

John adds that it’s very pos­si­ble Lor­raine would have been able to have un­der­gone the pro­ce­dure with­out any­one notic­ing, as it is said to also of­fer a low risk of leav­ing bruis­ing to the face.

‘Any bruis­ing will be light and can al­ways be hid­den with make-up – ideal if you’re on cam­era ev­ery day,’ he con­tin­ues.

How­ever, this isn’t the only pro­ce­dure the ex­pert be­lieves Lor­raine could have in­dulged in, as he re­vealed that fillers may have also played a part in en­hanc­ing the mum-of-one’s flaw­less com­plex­ion.

‘Lor­raine looks like she has had cheek fillers – which is a very com­mon treat­ment for women her age,’ John goes on. ‘The fillers give vol­ume to the cheek area and help lift the sag­ging skin around the jowls.’

How­ever, Lor­raine has al­ways been very open about her views on surgery, with the star pre­vi­ously ad­mit­ting, ‘I’ve seen far too many peo­ple look­ing like Klin­gons [an alien race from Star Trek] and I don’t want to look like that.’

That is why this non-sur­gi­cal process might have been the perfect so­lu­tion for Lor­raine, with our in­sider adding, ‘Lor­raine is some­one who has al­ways had strong opin­ions on celebs with botched surgery, so it’s very im­por­tant to her that she doesn’t go down that road.’

Beauty and diet regimes

Over the years, Lor­raine’s al­ways cred­ited her youth­ful looks not only to reg­u­lar mois­tur­is­ing, but also down to a sen­si­ble regime of healthy eat­ing. ‘I just eat well and mois­turise lots be­cause my mum al­ways told me to,’ she con­fessed. Lor­raine has pre­vi­ously said that she would never have cos­metic surgery, ex­plain­ing, ‘Nope! I would never do it. I think you can al­ways tell. When peo­ple put their make-up on, it has a sort of waxy sheen. Also, I think it’s odd. Why would you put some­thing in your face that is not go­ing to make you have any ex­pres­sion?’ But bear­ing in mind her re­cent ap­pear­ance and the com­ments on it, could Lor­raine have re­laxed her stance?

‘I’ve seen peo­ple look like Klin­gons. I don’t want that’

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