‘Par­ents need all the sup­port they can get’

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Dolores An­drew- gavin ,51, is a chil­dren’s au­thor. She lives in Gal­way, Ire­land, with hus­band Sean, 54,and sons Conal, 14, and Iar­laith, nine.

My lively sons Conal and Iar­laith play-fight a lot, whether it’s with toy swords or just a bit of rough and tum­ble. But when things get out of hand I’ll tell them off. And that’s how I am with any child that I may see mis­be­hav­ing – whether that’s in my house or just out in the park. if teas­ing be­comes nasty, or i see one child push an­other over, i’d def­i­nitely step in and say that’s not a nice way to be­have. Why would i sit back and watch it es­ca­late? i be­lieve that par­ents have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to look out for all chil­dren, not just their own. And i’d have no is­sue with some­one telling off my child if they were do­ing some­thing wrong or putting them­selves in dan­ger and my eyes weren’t on them at that ex­act mo­ment – i’d ac­tu­ally thank them for car­ing so much! Af­ter all, par­ents need all the sup­port they can get. some par­ents don't like dis­ci­plin­ing their kids – as though if you tell them off it'll be detri­men­tal, when it’s let­ting them get away with things that causes chil­dren more dam­age in the long term.

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