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Where’s my sex drive?

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I am 55 and Have al­ways en­joyed an ac­tive Sex life, but re­cently I Have Found Sex WITH My part­ner quite painful and Have lost My li­bido. IT’S Start­ing To be an IS­SUE. please Help! Paula, Bed­ford


You’re not on your own. When women go through the menopause, oe­stro­gen lev­els fall, which causes the tis­sues around the vulva to be­come dry and thin. Your GP can pre­scribe oe­stro­gen pes­saries or cream, which will help. Or, if you’d pre­fer some­thing non-hor­monal, ask your phar­ma­cist about creams and gels avail­able over the counter.

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