3 ways to... make your clothes last longer

In the UK, we chuck out an as­ton­ish­ing £12.5 bil­lion of wear­able out­fits each year – here’s how to stop

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Brits are throw­ing away nearly £200 worth of cloth­ing per per­son each year on aver­age, ac­cord­ing to re­search by Van­ish, with more than half ad­mit­ting they dis­posed of per­fectly wear­able items in the bin rather than giv­ing to friends or char­ity. Here’s how to stay in love with your clothes for longer:

1 Make do and mend

Lay out all the clothes you don’t wear any­more to work out why. Has a hem fallen down? Then take ac­tion and fix it. Does some­thing have a stain? Then buy a suit­able prod­uct to re­move it rather than ad­mit­ting de­feat if a reg­u­lar wash won’t get rid of it.

2 Switch it up

Nearly one in five said they threw clothes away to make more room in their wardrobe, while 12% said clothes felt ‘old’ af­ter wear­ing only a hand­ful of times. Solve both th­ese prob­lems by ro­tat­ing the clothes you wear. Put away a se­lec­tion of items, then bring them out the next month, and so on. You will have more space and the pieces will feel ‘newer’.

3 Find a good home for them

And if you still don’t want them any­more, take them to your lo­cal char­ity shop where some­one else can en­joy them.

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