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QI had a baby six months ago. While I was preg­nant my hair was thick and shiny, but now it is com­ing out in hand­fuls. The shower tray and my brush are full of it. a friend has rec­om­mended some sup­ple­ments, but I am still breast­feed­ing. Is it safe to take them? Jenny, Dun­sta­ble

APlease don’t worry. It is to­tally nor­mal to lose a lot of hair af­ter hav­ing a baby. We all lose about 100 hairs a day, but when we are preg­nant that loss stops (hence the feel­ing of thick hair). A few months af­ter de­liv­ery, all the hairs that would have been lost dur­ing preg­nancy (around 28,000) fall out to­gether. This will soon stop and re­turn to nor­mal.

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