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The vo­lu­miser

Thicken up thin­ning strands with Red­ken Quick Tease 15 Back­comb­ing Lift Fin­ish Spray, £10.10, fee­u­, which gives the il­lu­sion you have more hair strands than you do!

The ex­fo­lia­tor

We love a scrub to help smooth and clar­ify skin, but you can also ex­fo­li­ate your hair and scalp to re­move a build-up of styling prod­ucts and oil. Try In­vati Ad­vanced Ex­fo­li­at­ing Sham­poo, £25,

The serum

If you hair con­stantly feels wiry and dull, add shine with a few drops of Joico K-pak Pro­tect & Shine Serum, £11.50, beau­ty­ on damp hair be­fore styling.

The primer

Swear by your make-up primer to re­fine your skin? How about a primer that does the same for your hair? Mark Hill Styling Primer, £4.50,, smoothes frizz and tan­gles and pro­tects from heat.

The mask

Just like a face mask can plump and smooth parched skin, your hair will ben­e­fit from a hy­drat­ing treat­ment. Try Garnier Ul­ti­mate Blends 3-in-1 Mask, £4.99, which nour­ishes parched hair and pre­vents break­age.

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