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Toasted rye bread with nut but­ter Toast one slice of rye bread. Spread with al­mond or cashew but­ter and top with ba­nana.


Vegetable Soup Sauté onion and gar­lic in olive oil. add 400ml veg stock, to­mato, spinach, cau­li­flower, water­cress, cel­ery, pump­kin and car­rots. cook un­til veg is soft­ened.


mush­room and kale risotto Sauté onions, mush­rooms and gar­lic in olive oil. pour in vegetable stock. add 45g rice. cook, adding stock as needed. when nearly cooked, add kale.

Snack on sliced ba­nana and nut but­ter on rye

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