‘They stayed to­gether longer than they should have’


Lizzy How­ell, 27, is an ac­coun­tant from Wandsworth, south-west Lon­don. I was 12 when it hap­pened and my younger brother was nine. At the time, it was a re­lief. I think they stayed to­gether longer than they should have for us – they thought it was bet­ter than split­ting up. But the truth is the op­po­site. There were a dif­fi­cult few years lead­ing up to the di­vorce, so when it hap­pened, my par­ents were able to move on and live sep­a­rate, far hap­pier lives apart.

I don’t see my dad any more. I haven’t seen him for years. But I’ve moved on with my life and so has he and I’m OK with that.

My par­ents’ di­vorce does make me think twice about get­ting mar­ried. I’m not in any hurry to set­tle down be­cause I saw how mis­er­able both my par­ents were. My past boyfriends have all been lovely peo­ple be­cause I look for kind, re­spon­si­ble men and tend to steer away from ‘Jack the lad’ types like my dad.

The best thing is that my brother and I are su­per-close, as we’ve al­ways been there for each other. I know he’ll walk me down the aisle if I ever change my mind.

It was hard grow­ing up in a neg­a­tive at­mos­phere but now I feel the di­vorce is the best thing that hap­pened to our fam­ily. My mum, brother and I are so close be­cause of it.

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