Is 70 the new 40?


Birth­day. What a lovely word. Al­ways happy, aren’t they? And usu­ally in­volve yummy cake, loads of bub­bly and gor­geous gifts. OK, stop right there! Be­cause once you get past a cer­tain age that cake is just calo­ries, the wine gives you a headache, the prezzies are prac­ti­cal.


So full dis­claimer. It’s my birth­day next week. And while my brain is still reg­is­ter­ing some­where around 30, my body is dou­bling it. Even my toes are start­ing to look old. What’s that about?

Then I came across a photo of Goldie Hawn. Lus­cious blonde locks, curvy and real cleav­age, toned arms, dressed to im­press and ooz­ing glam­our. To­tal babe. Only she’s 73 and she’s not giv­ing a damn. Which got me think­ing. Life used to be­gin at 40, but is it now re­ally 70?

We’re all liv­ing longer, health­care is bet­ter and, for the baby boomer gen­er­a­tion, fi­nances are of­ten not too shabby. Prince Charles hit the big seven-o this year, but did you re­alise Olivia New­ton-john, Ste­vie Nicks and Grace Jones joined him?

Ev­ery sin­gle one still hip rather than hip re­place­ment. Of course things do start to wear out but, blimey, what a pos­i­tive mes­sage.

There is no rea­son why we should hand over the fun to the younger gen­er­a­tion. I want to make like Goldie and not give a damn about the year I hap­pened to have been born in. And if the Snowflakes snig­ger at my granny groov­ing, they can go and melt. Be­cause we’ve for­got­ten more about par­ty­ing than they’ll ever know. Take 70-year-old Lulu. This was a woman who gave it large with the Bea­tles and the

Rolling Stones! And she still looks bet­ter than pop stars less than half her age.

So if you don’t mind I’m go­ing to shout about my birth­day and be proud to be in my nifty 50s. Don’t dare tell me I’m too old to do the stuff I’ve al­ways en­joyed. Sexy 60? Siz­zling 70? Ex­otic 80? Let the party be­gin!

‘I want to make like Goldie and not give a damn about the year I hap­pened to be born’

Happy and glo­ri­ous in their 70s: Charles, Goldie and Olivia

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