How to beat a buf­fet blowout

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Don’t want to let the party sea­son de­rail your diet? Try our easy tricks...

1 Use a plate

Fill it with just enough food to sat­isfy you and avoid go­ing back for more, how­ever tempt­ing it might be if new dishes re­plen­ish empty ones. Telling peo­ple that you’re do­ing this will help.

2 Po­si­tion your­self

Find your­self want­ing to graze all night? Sit as far as you can from the buf­fet,

ideally with your back to it. The more dis­tance there is be­tween you and the food, the less likely you are to get up for sec­onds (and thirds).

3 De­ci­sions, de­ci­sions

Check out all the food that’s on of­fer first so you can make in­formed de­ci­sions about the health­i­est choices to put on your plate. Only us­ing a knife and fork (and not fin­gers) will also help you not to fill up on things like crisps.

If you ate like you do on Christ­mas Day ev­ery day of the year, you’d put on more than 26st.* Don’t po­si­tion your­self within easy dis­tance of snacks

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