Is HRT go­ing to work for me?

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Q I have re­sisted tak­ing HRT in the hope that my hot flushes would set­tle, but if any­thing they are get­ting worse. My GP tells me that, be­cause of my over­all good health, the risks of tak­ing HRT are min­i­mal to me but wouldn’t I just be de­lay­ing the menopause? A Lots of women worry that by tak­ing HRT, they are sim­ply de­lay­ing menopausal symp­toms un­til the time they choose to stop tak­ing it. In fact, I usu­ally ad­vise women to wean them­selves off HRT slowly and by do­ing this, most find that any menopausal symp­toms are less se­vere and shorter in du­ra­tion, so there­fore much more man­age­able.

It’s ad­vis­able to wean your­self off HRT slowly xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

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