We ar­gue about silly things

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Q My hus­band and I ar­gue about silly things all the time. Mostly why I am al­ways the one who does ev­ery­thing for the kids and why he never helps with the kids or house stuff even on week­ends (he goes out ev­ery week­end). I know all cou­ples bicker, but how can I stop us fight­ing? Sam, 41, by email A All cou­ples ar­gue about silly things like the wash­ing up or who left the bath­room towel on the floor. But you two aren’t ar­gu­ing about a small mat­ter, you’re ar­gu­ing about feel­ing taken for granted and be­ing left to do all the child­care. You need to seek help and sup­port in find­ing out what went wrong and how to mend it, be­fore it breaks you apart. Try re­late.org.uk.

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