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Food is one of the best ways to give your energy lev­els a boost – but don’t rely on sugar and pro­cessed car­bo­hy­drates, such as cake, biscuits, bread, pizza, pasta and pies. They can con­trib­ute to your malaise by al­ter­ing your gut flora and in­ter­fer­ing with your colon’s pro­duc­tion of the B vi­ta­mins – es­sen­tial for energy in ev­ery cell in the body. ‘Tea, cof­fee and sugar also over­work the adrenal glands,’ ex­plains nu­tri­tional ther­a­pist Judy Wat­son (judy­wat­son­nu­tri­tion­

‘Try to eat as “cleanly” as pos­si­ble – with lit­tle or no pro­cessed foods, and

Four food fu­ellers

Meat: Packed with energy-boost­ing iron. Too lit­tle iron in your diet can cause anaemia, where there are too few red blood cells – or too lit­tle haemoglobin in them – to carry enough oxy­gen around the body. ‘It’s ac­tu­ally one of the most com­mon rea­sons for feel­ing con­stantly tired and af­fects one in 20 post­menopausal women,’ says GP Dr Tony Steele (doc­tor­ Other iron-rich foods in­clude eggs, tofu, pulses, beans, brown rice, nuts and seeds, dark green leafy veg­eta­bles, and even iron-for­ti­fied ce­re­als and bread. If you think you may be anaemic it’s im­por­tant to be cor­rectly di­ag­nosed by your GP (through a blood test), and you may be pre­scribed an iron sup­ple­ment. plenty of green veg­eta­bles, pro­tein, and healthy oils

(from nuts and seeds) to pre­serve your adrenals,’ adds Judy.

Sup­ple­ments can help fill gaps in your diet. Try Phar­ma­ton Vi­tal­ity Cap­sules (£9.45 for 30 cap­sules,

Su­per­drug) for a unique blend of slow-re­lease G115 Gin­seng ex­tract, vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and trace el­e­ments such as iron, zinc and mag­ne­sium.

Eggs: High in pro­tein, a great source of sus­tained energy with­out the blood­sugar surge, and energy-giv­ing nu­tri­ents such as thi­amin, fo­late and B vi­ta­mins. Also good for vitamin D – try oily fish and for­ti­fied ce­re­als and mar­garine too.

Al­monds: Full of pro­tein and min­er­als. Grab a hand­ful for an af­ter­noon snack along­side some en­er­gis­ing green tea.

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