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Co­me­dian, novelist and ac­tress Jenny Eclair, 57, has been in tV for 30 years, and is about to go on tour, along­side Dil­lie Keane and lizzie Roper, with her show Grumpy Old Women to the Res­cue. the en­ter­tainer, who re­cently mar­ried Ge­off Pow­ell af­ter 35 years to­gether, loves strong pep­per­mint tea and her hot-water bot­tle…

How do you take your tea?

Weak and black. I like a weak Earl Grey, but I like a strong pep­per­mint, and I like a Lady Grey. I don’t like builder’s tea – can’t be doing with it. The bane of my life is a the­atre dress­ing room without a de­cent teabag. I have to travel with a box of pep­per­mint tea. The best tour man­agers have a box of as­sorted teas.

Who would you most like to have a cup of tea with?

Madonna still in­trigues me. I want to see what she looks like close up. And I wish Princess Mar­garet was alive. Ac­tu­ally, I’m not hav­ing Madonna! I’m go­ing to boot her out and am go­ing for Princess Mar­garet in her hey­day in­stead. I’d also put a drop of whisky in for her – I don’t think she’d take tea any other way.

Do you worry about be­ing away from home for a long time when you’re away on tour?

With a big tour like this, you can’t think of 60 dates, as you’ll go mad. Don’t think be­yond the first week. It’s hard, but I am re­ally used to it. In the

win­ter, I take a hot-water bot­tle and have learned how to make my­self com­fort­able.

Who was your last heck­ler and how did you re­spond?

The last one I got was, ‘Watch your blood pressure, Jenny!’ be­cause I was getting a bit ranty on stage, and a nurse two rows back shouted it out, which I thought was kind. I said, ‘Thank you very much.

I do have a prob­lem and I’m on med­i­ca­tion.’

What’s still on your ca­reer bucket list?

More of what I have done – shows and books. I’d also like a lovely af­ter­noon chat show. So easy – an­swers and au­tocue in­side your ear!

Grumpy Old Women Live’s brand-new stage show To the Res­cue is tour­ing na­tion­wide from 28 march-24 June 2018. For info and tick­ets, visit grumpy­old wom­en­

af­ter­noon ‘I’d like a lovely easy…’ chat show. So

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