6 Symp­toms To Re­port

Woman's Weekly (UK) - - Dr Melanie -

1 Per­sis­tent bloat­ing or tummy dis­ten­sion that doesn’t come and go.

2 Feel­ing eas­ily or quickly full, in­di­ges­tion, wind or a re­duced ap­petite.

3 A lump or per­sis­tent/ re­cur­ring pain any­where in your tummy or pelvis.

4 Feel­ing you need to pass urine more fre­quently or ur­gently than usual.

5 Vag­i­nal bleed­ing be­tween pe­ri­ods, af­ter the menopause or af­ter love­mak­ing.

6 Un­ex­plained tired­ness, weight loss, de­pres­sion or change in bowel habit.

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