Craft: Per­son­alised lug­gage tags

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20 x 32cm map can­vas fab­ric

12 x 24cm fusible in­ter­fac­ing

5.5 x 8.5cm clear ac­etate sheet

5.5 x 8.5cm thick white card tem­plate en­larged by 200%

STOCK­ISTS: Map fab­ric, £10.99 per me­tre, from shop4­cot­; ac­etate sheets, £3 for five, Hob­by­craft; mini suit­cases, £20 for set of three, Barker & Stone­house.


us­ing the tem­plate, cut four of the larger lug­gage-tag pieces from the fab­ric.

Cut four of the smaller lug­gage-tag pieces from the fusible in­ter­fac­ing.

For the strap, cut one strip of fab­ric mea­sur­ing 5 x 25cm.

1 to make the strap, fold the strip in half length­ways and press. open out the strip and then fold the raw edges in to meet the crease. Fold in half along the orig­i­nal crease to con­ceal and press. top­stitch along both long edges.

2 Fuse the in­ter­fac­ing to the wrong side of the lug­gage­tag fab­ric pieces fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. make sure the in­ter­fac­ing is cen­tred in the mid­dle of the lug­gage-tag pieces.

3 Pair up the lug­gage-tag pieces, lin­ing up the edges and pinning right sides to­gether. sew around the edges with a 1cm seam al­lowance and on one of the pairs, leave a small gap for turn­ing through. Clip the cor­ners.

4 For the back of the lug­gage tag, take the piece with the turn­ing gap and turn right sides out. Press and slip stitch the gap closed. us­ing the but­ton­hole on the tem­plate as a guide, cut a small slit into one side of the lug­gage tag back, mak­ing sure not to cut into the other side.

5 slip both ends of the strap into the slit by about 2cm and pin in place. top­stitch a cou­ple of lines of stitch­ing across the strap ends and through the lug­gage tag back to se­cure in place.

6 For the lug­gage tag front, use the tem­plate to draw the dashed rec­tan­gle on to one side of the in­ter­fac­ing. us­ing a pair of sharp scis­sors, cut di­ag­o­nal lines from the cen­tre of the rec­tan­gle to each cor­ner. turn the front tag right sides out and turn the cut pieces in on them­selves to form a win­dow.

7 slot the piece of ac­etate in­side the front tag so that each edge is en­veloped by the fab­ric. Pin and top­stitch all the way around the in­ner edge.

8 us­ing the but­ton­hole on the tem­plate as a guide, stitch a small but­ton­hole at the top of the front lug­gage tag.

9 Pin the front and back tags to­gether with wrong sides fac­ing and top­stitch around the bot­tom three sides. Cut a piece of card to fit in­side and write out your la­bel. in­sert the card and then push the strap through the but­ton­hole to se­cure.

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