The story so far: Char­lotte Wil­liams

Woman's Weekly (UK) - - Serial By Teresa Ashby -

lost her par­ents in a car crash when she was very young, and was brought up by her pa­ter­nal grand­mother, sCoTTy.

Now, she looks through a photo al­bum with Scotty, who is in a nurs­ing home. Con­fused, Scotty asks if her late hus­band, John, is still an­gry with her, but doesn't say why he might have been. John died be­fore Char­lotte was born, and this is the first inkling she's had that they might not have been happy to­gether.

Scotty says she re­mem­bers

alexan­der, a stranger who has not only just bought Scotty’s house, but has vis­ited the nurs­ing home claim­ing to be her grand­son. Scotty then be­comes ag­i­tated and re­fuses to talk about it any more. The next day, Char­lotte hears from Scotty’s for­mer neigh­bour,

Fiona. She says Calum, the man who's now ren­o­vat­ing Scotty’s old house, has found some­thing he be­lieves be­longs to Scotty. Char­lotte goes over af­ter work and lets her­self in with Fiona’s key. She finds a box with a photo al­bum in­side, which seems to record the early, miss­ing part of her life, but she only gets as far as pic­tures of her heav­ily preg­nant mother be­fore Calum turns up.

She ac­cuses him of be­ing

alexan­der Wil­liams. He shows her his driv­ing li­cence to prove his name is Calum, and ex­plains he’s sim­ply work­ing for Alexan­der.

The story con­tin­ues…

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