It’s a funny old world: Na­dia Sawalha

‘How could any­one in their right mind slurp sludge like that and not lose the will to live?’

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What have we be­come? It’s a ques­tion my hus­band and I pon­der an aw­ful lot these days. For most of our adult lives, we have been pretty damn rock ‘n’ roll. We have al­ways been the nev­er­say-no-to-a-party, live-for-the-now, never-put-any­thing-away-for-arainy-day kind of peo­ple. Up for fun, up for fri­vol­ity, up for frol­ics – and never think­ing of the fu­ture!

Our week­ends would in­vari­ably in­volve par­ties, din­ners out, clubs, pre­mières or hav­ing like-minded he­donists round to ours for dos that al­ways ran into the early hours. All of which would, of course, re­sult in us spend­ing most Sun­days nurs­ing a hang­over and ru­mi­nat­ing about all the aliens out there in the world that were do­ing all those ghastly, mid­dle-aged things like run­ning, gar­den­ing or DIY!

If you’d said the word ‘gar­den­ing’ to us back then, we’d have said it was for peo­ple with no lives – even though our gar­den has looked like the back­drop to an episode from Shame­less for the last 15 years.

In fact, one of our favourite things to do (en route to a pub or a late lunch) was to spot those lost souls head­ing off to yoga with a rolled-up mat un­der their arms, float­ing on a bub­ble of seren­ity. We’d point and laugh and be con­cerned for their san­ity.

Once we ar­rived at the restau­rant of our hang­over choice, Heaven for­bid we’d see any­one sip­ping a green juice. Green juice was the Devil’s work as far as Mark and I were con­cerned – com­pletely un­fath­omable! Af­ter all, how could any­one in their right mind slurp sludge like that and not lose the will to live?

I’m sure you can guess where this is go­ing… Travel for­ward 10 years to now, and some­thing very bizarre has hap­pened to us both. Our Sun­day morn­ings are ut­terly un­recog­nis­able when com­pared to those of our younger selves.

Now, in­stead of nurs­ing hang­overs, we jump up and head off to – you guessed it – Pi­lates. In­stead of scoff­ing at cou­ples run­ning to­gether in the park, we ac­tu­ally ex­er­cise to­gether, be­liev­ing that ‘cou­ples who ex­er­cise to­gether stay to­gether’. And in­stead of find­ing us veg­ging out with the Sun­day tabloids, you’ll now see us, wa­ter­ing cans in our hands, film­ing gar­den­ing videos for our Fam­ily YouTube Chan­nel.

Yes – rock ‘n’ roll has given way to the more se­date things in life. We have lit­er­ally be­come those peo­ple we pointed at in the park, think­ing that we some­how knew how to have a bet­ter time than they did.

But the ques­tion is… When we catch our­selves in our new, mid­dleaged bliss, are we now the ones be­ing laughed at by some other younger cou­ple? The fools! They have so many won­der­ful things to look for­ward to.

This week’s colum­nist:Na­dia Sawalha

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