Brighten up bas­kets with these de­signs

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You will need

belly bas­kets Mask­ing tape paint­brushes Cir­cu­lar foam brush Chalk paint in pink, blue and green

1 BRUSH down the bas­kets with a slightly damp cloth to re­move any dust. Al­low to dry fully.

2 FOR THE POLKA-DOT BAS­KET, use a cir­cu­lar foam brush and dip it into the blue paint, mak­ing sure the foam pad has an even cov­er­age. press the foam brush onto the bas­ket and gen­tly lift away to re­veal the dot. Fill in any patches later with a paint­brush. Con­tinue dot­ting the brush all over the bas­ket in a ran­dom pat­tern.

3 FOR THE SWISHES BAS­KET, use a medi­um­size flat brush with a squared­off end. dip into the green paint so there’s a gen­er­ous amount on the top. brush on in a sweep­ing mo­tion to cre­ate the curved lines. Go over the swishes a cou­ple of times to so the shape edges are de­fined.

4 FOR THE ZIGZAG BAS­KET, use mask­ing tape to cre­ate the tri­an­gles at the top. The bas­ket will have a nat­u­ral cen­tre point run­ning around the mid­dle, so make sure the base of the tri­an­gles fall on this line. With a wide brush, use the pink paint to cover the bot­tom half of the bas­ket up to the tape. don’t flood your brush. once touch dry, re­move the paint and al­low to dry fully.

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