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A clas­sic pony is time­less. And with the Dafni Go Straight­en­ing Brush, it couldn't be eas­ier. Dafni’s Cre­ative Di­rec­tor Steve Row­bot­tom shows us how to per­fect this up do. Method

Step 1. Cleanse and con­di­tion hair us­ing a vo­lu­mis­ing sham­poo to elim­i­nate any ex­cess oils (choose your prod­uct of choice). Then ap­ply mousse and rough-dry the hair.

Step 2. Take a hor­i­zon­tal sec­tion from ear to ear, us­ing thumbs, to en­sure the re­main­ing hair is clipped out of the way. Spray with hair­spray to give hold. Us­ing the Dafni Go, take hor­i­zon­tal sec­tions ran­domly to cre­ate dif­fer­ent tex­tures in the hair, from smooth to curls. Con­tinue this in a non-uni­form way to cre­ate multi-tex­ture in the hair.

Step 3. When com­pleted, brush hair with a pad­dle-brush and cre­ate a pony­tail just be­low the crown and se­cure with elas­tic. Wrap a sec­tion of hair around the band to con­ceal it, and loosely pull some hair above the crown out of the band to cre­ate nat­u­ral lift and tex­ture.

Top tip: Fin­ish with a dry sham­poo for added grit and tex­ture. Spray your hands with hair­spray and lightly pat the hair with your hands, to cre­ate a soft, fem­i­nine tex­ture.


Dafnigo straight­en­ing Brush, £99.95, John Lewis

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