Try Pizza East’s mod­ern take on a clas­sic, with longevity-boost­ing mi­cronu­tri­ents

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2 free-range eggs • salt • 1 English muf­fin • but­ter, to taste • 2 slices pro­sciutto • hand­ful of rocket leaves • 1 tbsp pesto


1. This prob­a­bly isn’t your first rodeo, but let’s just cover the ba­sics all the same. For best re­sults, break the eggs into ramekins, then add a pinch of salt to sim­mer­ing wa­ter in a pan. Swirl the wa­ter with a whisk or a fork and, once you’ve got a whirlpool go­ing, drop in the eggs one at a time. Cook for 2 mins on a gen­tle heat to pre­serve more of their key nu­tri­ents – that’s vi­ta­mins A, B, D and E, plus zinc and se­le­nium.

2. Mean­while, toast and but­ter the muf­fin.

3. Once the eggs are cooked, top the muf­fin with pro­sciutto, rocket, the eggs and the pesto. If you’d rather make your own pesto, com­bine basil, gar­lic, pine nuts and Parme­san in a blender with a few gen­er­ous glugs of olive oil. That’s how we like our eggs in the morn­ing.

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