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In­jured? Why all is not lost

My fit­ness lev­els are de­cent, so why do I get ex­hausted go­ing up the stairs to my office?

This phe­nom­e­non you speak of is more com­mon than you’d think. Leg­ging it up the stairs or an es­ca­la­tor works a very dif­fer­ent set of mus­cles to your Satur­day Parkrun. ‘Climb­ing places a load on your heart and lungs in a way that your body won’t be used to,’ ex­plains Dr Michael Faulx, car­di­ol­o­gist at the Cleve­land Clinic, US. And your ham­strings and glutes work harder to re­peat­edly lift and re­bal­ance the body. If you don’t want to stag­ger into work gasp­ing for air, in­cor­po­rate some in­ter­val sprints and hill climbs into your usual work­out rou­tine. If you’re new to in­ter­val train­ing, run up a gen­tle hill for five sec­onds be­fore walk­ing back down, then take it up to 10 sec­onds, down to seven, and then back down to five again. If you’re rel­a­tively fit, find a short hill and mimic the ef­fort of a flat run, no mat­ter how slow you go. For pros, ex­plode up a steep hill for eight to 12 sec­onds. Take two min­utes to walk down and do eight reps. Re­peat once a week. Just re­mem­ber to take it one step at a time.

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