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This fin­isher uses an EMOM for­mat – ev­ery minute on the minute – so the harder you work, the more time you have to rest. You have 60 secs to com­plete each of the tasks, al­ter­nat­ing kettlebell swings on even min­utes and chest-to-floor burpees on odd min­utes for 10 mins in to­tal.


Do: 32 reps on even mins

(a) Hinge­ing at the waist, grip a kettlebell in both hands. With knees bent, let it swing be­tween your legs.

(b) Thrust your hips for­ward to stand, and let the weight swing up to shoul­der height. As it falls, stand with a strong core un­til your fore­arms reach hip level, then hinge for­ward and re­peat.


Do: 12 reps on odd mins (a) Be­gin stand­ing with your feet hip-width apart. Crouch down, place your hands on the floor in front of you and jump into a plank. Do a press-up, then jump your feet back towards your hands.

(b) Jump in the air as high as pos­si­ble, arms over­head. Re­peat as fast as you can.

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