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A brutal up­per-body fin­isher, this in­volves do­ing 100 reps in as lit­tle time as pos­si­ble. Don’t sac­ri­fice form for speed – take rests when you need them so you don’t quit.


Do: 100 reps

(a) Hold­ing dumb­bells, palms against your thighs, push your hips back with a slight knee bend to let the weights slide down your thighs, keep­ing your weight in your heels.

(b) From there, use your hips to ini­ti­ate the drive up­wards, ‘throw­ing’ the dumb­bells up towards your shoul­ders. This will let you change your hand po­si­tion so your palms face each other as you catch them in a quar­ter-squat po­si­tion.

(c) Slightly bend your knees, then drive the weights straight above your head. Lower them back to your shoul­ders, then re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion.

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